Digital Multi Meter

Digital Multi Meter

Choosing a digital multimeter

When making a choice about the optimum digital multimeter to purchase or to use for a given application, there are a number of parameters and specifications that need to be assessed.



  • DMM specifications:   There are many specifications used to define the performance of a digital multimeter. These include the measurements that can be made, the ranges, number of digits in the display as well as the mechanical details including size, etc. digital multimeter specifications.
  • DMM accuracy:   One of the key specifications for a digital multimeter is the accuracy. This has several elements to it and requires careful consideration in some applications. <

Digital multimeters are widely used and very useful items of test equipment. They enable measurements of quantities such as current, voltage and resistance to be made very quickly and easily. In addition to this, many DMMs are able to measure other useful parameters, making these items even more useful. While they do not allow more complicated measurements to be made, if many engineers were allowed only one item of test equipment, it would probably be the digital multimeter.

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DT-830B Digital Multi Meter
DT-830B Digital Multi Meter Description DCV    200m - 2 - 20 - 200 - 1000 V&nbs..
Ex Vat: R127.11
DT261 Meter Insulation Tester Digital Multimeter
DT261 Insulation Tester Unit is the adaptor for the 266 series clamp meters. Using a DC-DC Converter..
Ex Vat: R118.42
DT9205A Digital Multimeter Incl Test Leads
DT9205A Digital Multimeter Incl Test Leads ..
Ex Vat: R254.39
EM266 Digital Clamp Multimeter
Description DCV    200m  - 20 - 1000 V    0.8% ACV 200m  - ..
Ex Vat: R210.44
EM416 Network Cable Tester
This instrument can test twisted pairs of RJ12 (3 twisted pairs) or RJ45 (4 twisted pairs) cables. I..
Ex Vat: R149.04
EM6013B Capacitance Meter Digital Multimeter
Features 3 1/2 digits LCD,Max.reading of 1999 2 Functions,10 Ranges Auto zero-adjustment high a..
Ex Vat: R350.79
Description Voltage DC:2/20/200/500V     Voltage AC:200/500V     Cu..
Ex Vat: R130.70
Meter Test Lead Banana Plug & RT/Angle F0015
Meter Test Lead Banana Plug & RT/AnglE ..
Ex Vat: R26.23
SYF-5050 SYF5050 Satelite Finder KU Band
SYF-5050 SYF5050 Satelite Finder KU Band Specifications: Frequency Range: 0.95-2.3GHZ Gai..
Ex Vat: R218.86
Testek-830 Compact Digital Multimeter incl test leads
Testek-830 Compact Digital Multimeter incl. test leads Measuring Voltage Range:200mV/2/20/200/..
Ex Vat: R122.72
Universal Meter Test Lead Set Banana Plug & RT/Angle
Universal Meter Test Lead Set Banana Plug & RT/Angle   Maximum Current : 10A Cab..
Ex Vat: R82.89
UT136 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Incl Test Leads
UT136 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Incl Test Leads Specifications: DC Voltage: 400mV/4..
Ex Vat: R525.44