Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering. It supplies heat to melt solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing an electric current (supplied through an electrical cord or battery cables) through a resistive heating element.

Soldering irons are most often used for installation, repairs, and limited production work in electronics assembly.

When the iron tip oxidises and burnt flux accumulates on it, solder no longer wets the tip, impeding heat transfer and making soldering difficult or impossible; tips must be periodically cleaned in use. Such problems happen with all kinds of solder, but are much more severe with the lead-free solders which have become widespread in electronics work, which require higher temperatures than solders containing lead. A clean unoxidised tip is tinned by applying a little solder and flux.

A wetted small sponge, often supplied with soldering equipment, can be used to wipe the tip. A tip which is cleaned but not retinned is susceptible to oxidation, particularly if wet.

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DZ-70901 Pen Shape Gas Soldering Iron
DZ-70901 Pen Shape Gas Soldering Iron ..
Ex Vat: R289.39
Magnum Soldering Station 2000
General purpose 24vAC 50w transformer station. Safety-spring holder. Cleaning sponge. Spa..
Ex Vat: R868.42
Soldering Iron ZD-721C 220V 30w
Soldering Iron ZD-721C 220V 30w Input Voltage: 220 VAC Power: 30 W Solder Tip: C1..
Ex Vat: R140.26
ZD-10A Soldering Iron Stand
ZD-10A Soldering Iron Stand ..
Ex Vat: R48.16
ZD99 ZD-99 Soldering Station Temperature Controlled Blue
ZD99 ZD-99 Soldering Station Temperature Controlled Blue Features: for general electronics ..
Ex Vat: R313.04